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medical doctor of occupational medicine
specjalist, Wojciech Chabior

Under existing law, every emplyer should have written agreement with a medical doctor working in the field of preventive services for their emplyees at least once a year. In each case, we can determine the extent and nature of cooperation.
Competence and experience in occupational medicine, I offer to provide comperhensive services covering all emplyees. Health surveillance, participation in committees Occupational Health and Safety. I guarantee the highest quality health services, integrity and professionalism offered medical services, cordinally invite you to cooperation!

Occupational Medicine - Legal Basis

The legal  basis  for  occupational   medicine is  the  Act of 27 June 1997
occupational health services (Dz.U.97, nr 96, item 593).Ministry of Health 
and Social Welfare of 30 May 1996,for prophylactic medical research, 
students and pupils,for  employees and  medical  publications,for
training  purposes and  uses of  the
Labour   Code. Responsibility   for
employees, health   care   emplo-
yees / trainees, lies after  site  the
employers, schools or high shool
if the student is exposed to harmul
substances etc./ Entity employing /   
(Article 2 par.2 of the Act).Costs  of
medical research are borne by the
employer. ( article 22 of  the act ).
The costs of research students and participants in professional practice, will  be  borne by  the school or high shool,according to ( article.5.par.2 point 2 of the act ).
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