Principles of
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Principles of cooperation        I        
We support the principle of cooperation and business-sector emplyees company-offices-offices banks, corporations etc.


To meet the needs of convenience and responsibilities of contractors, we offer efficient and professional in the field of flexible handling. We are flexible in hours admission. Interested people during working hours to ensure efficient service, whitout having to wait in line. Visits, reservations by phone, by e-mail, while present in person at our office or in your company. We special cases, examination by a medical doctor to work may be conducted at the premises of the client, subject to certain requirements of the premises in a place designed by principal. Research implemented through a network of specialized medical facilities.

Business Customer

We offer business customer medical care for company.Program  allow the inclusion of  comprehensive  prophylactic medical care  personnel  company,and keeping  them in good  physical and mental.

Professionalism and integrity!

Individual Clients

Individual clients who want to benefit from the individual services commercial basis, provides we are just as as broad and most higher quality of medical services contact.

Quality and reliability!

Pricing of Medical Services

Prices of medical services in occupational medicine, research, opinions, evaluations etc. individual prices,optionally with principal. We are flexible and competitive. We offered number of periodic fixed promotions,for customer discounts and more bonuses!

The lowest prices in the Cabinet of "WCH"

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